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Cholesterol Medications The Facts

I really don’t like going to the visit my doctor. There is nothing wrong with him, it’s just that I don’t like that look he gives me when we are discussing my cholesterol numbers. Nor do I like the fact that he says if we don’t get this under control we will have to consider putting you one of the cholesterol lowering medications. That’s another secret, I don’t like taking prescription medication. So when I ask, is there anything I can do, his answer is get more exercise and modify your diet. So with those thoughts in mind I went to research what foods will help me to get my numbers back to the point that both my doctor and I can live with. This is what I found out.

There are five foods that we should include in our diet to help reduce our cholesterol numbers. The first of this group are foods that are high in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber help to reduces the amount of Low Density Lipoproteins, (LDL) also known as the bad cholesterol in our body. Foods such as oatmeal, oat brains, apples, pears, kidney beans, barley and prunes are all good sources of soluble fiber.
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Health Reviews Can Help You Choose

If you intend to use a new supplement, diet program or other health and fitness resource, it is important to look for candid and in-depth health reviews as part of the purchasing process. Genuine customer feedback will help you learn more about how these products work, how long it takes for them to work and whether or not they cause any side effects to develop. Using these resources makes it possible for consumers to make informed and wholly beneficial decisions.

Find Out Whether Or Not Products Are Able To Live Up To Their Claims

Most product manufacturers have costly and aggressive marketing campaigns that make a number of impressive claims about their products. Without the use of health reviews, the only way to know whether or not these products are delivering optimal results is by paying for and trying them. Consumers can find reviews on a variety of online platforms. The best of these, however, are often niche-specific forums that are used by groups of people with similar interests. People post detailed reports on their experiences with various products so that other can learn from them.
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